Lightbox is a professional fast paced course to teach you from scratch. Even if you know basics, we strongly advise to take up the full course so we know that you know them right by the end of course.


Course Contents / Highlights


24 - Sessions spread over 2 month to 6 months depending with 3 options for your sessions;


        Option   I -  Thrice a Week                                       - Ideally suitable for School and College Students

        Option  II -  Twice a Week i.e on Sat n Sundays  - Ideally suitable for College Students and Working Professionals

        Option III -  Once a Week  i.e. on sunday only     - Ideally suitable for those who have off days on sunday, generally business persons


4 - Photo Editing Sessions


4 - Practical Sessions


1 - Photoshot with Professional Model in an professional setup, every student will be provided with 1 on 1 turn  of about 60 Minutes  (shoot will be held in Delhi)


Certificate on the successful completion of the course.


Content based training program - the training ends only when you are confident enough to handle everything on your own.


Lifetime support - You get full support and feed back even after you finish your training.


Limited number of students - you get more individual attention.


Updated and relevant content- since you are trained by a practicing photographer, you get the most updated information.




Registration : INR 500/-

Fees              : INR 20,000/-

Duration       : 100 Hours




An Educational Initiative by Mukul Saraogi

For Admissions : +91.9669911221